As the weather gets colder and the nights fall faster, staying inside with an oversized glass of wine and some comfort food sounds just about right. Don’t judge us! We know you were thinking it too and we have just the place!

6 reasons you should head to City Winery:

Photo by: City Winery

  1. Wine – City Winery features 11 wines made right on the premise and if wine by the barrel isn’t your thing, ask for the 500-strong wine list! Either way, get comfy, pour, taste and repeat.
  2. Location – This oversized gem is conveniently sandwiched between two of our Manhattan Mini Storage SoHo locations. Making it easy to drop off your stuff and belly up to a barrel in minutes.
  3. Cheese – The cheese board of the day features favorites from New York’s own Murrays’ Cheese. Translation: A cheese selection any New Yorker would gladly give up a cab for!
  4. Winemaking – Wine classes are offered from the initial crush of the grapes to creating your own blend and private label wines.
  5. Live Music – Bring old friends or make some new ones, there is an artist on the event calendar for everyone.
  6. Dessert – Caramelized apples, espresso butter cream and candied pecans…need we say more?

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