Plus, Some We’re Looking Forward To

Every year, the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade boasts the biggest, brightest, and most outrageous costumes of New York City. We’re hoping to see quite a few Bachmann’s at this year’s 39th annual on October 31st at 7pm, from Spring St to 23rd St along 6th Ave.

In the meantime, we’ve got a selection of our favorite over-done Halloween costumes from 2010. We’ll miss them this year. Kinda.

  1. angry-steward-halloween-costume


    Old Spice Man – All it took was some washboard abs and a towel.

  2. Lady Gaga – Gaga getups took over NYC last year, and all the major networks too! (See Gabe on The Office, and Dean Pelton on Community.)
  3. Jersey Shore – Cross your fingers and hope that Snookies and Situations don’t come back to haunt us again this year.
  4. Steven Slater – The hero of the service industry was the inspiration for Ricky’s “Angry Steward” costume last year, as well as the oh-so-useful SlipQuit.
  5. Chilean Miners – “Left behind” Chilean miners #34-38 also made appearances last year. We predict a few “Where are they now?” Chilean miner costumes this time around!
  6. Antoine Dodson – an incredibly easy costume, this one was all in the attitude.
  7. Na’vi – Avatar came out at the tail end of 2009, leaving fans 9 months to perfect their stripe-painting, hair-braiding, and loincloth-wearing skills.

Our bet for New York’s most overdone costume of 2011? Anthony Weiner.

Need some inspiration for your own costume? We’ve got a few excellent ideas for making cardboard Halloween costumes from Manhattan Mini Storage moving boxes right here.

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