Manhattan Mini Storage has long been famous not only for providing New Yorkers with the best moving and storage options, but also for our eye-catching, provocative subway and billboard ads. And some of our ads that seem to have most captured the imagination of people in the Big Apple are those addressing the topic of marriage equality.

Like this one from the spring of 2011:

Or this one from this past spring:

So we were thrilled today to get the news that the Supreme Court has made two landmark decisions for marriage equality — one striking down the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, and the other effectively overturning California’s ban on same-sex marriage.

We know that this is an emotional and controversial issue for many people in New York and around the country, and that not everyone shares the view that all consenting adults deserve the freedom to marry whomever they choose, male or female. We respect those who disagree with us. But we remain committed to the values of social justice on which our nation was founded and which are shared by our family-owned parent company, Edison Properties.

We congratulate all LGBT people in New York and across the nation today in celebrating this historic civil rights victory, and we wish those of you choosing to marry long and happy unions.

And Happy Pride Week, by the way. 🙂