We’ve Got A Lotta Love for This Ship

Left, right or indifferent – it doesn’t matter what your political persuasion is when it comes to the feeling of collective loss we shared on September 11th, 2001. Of course, for us New Yorkers, that loss was a little more up close and personal. And so it was with great respect that we greeted the USS New York as it glided into New York Harbor earlier this month.

Not only does this fine vessel bear our city’s name, but her bow is constructed, in part, from seven and a half tons of steel from the World Trade Center. She carries with her the spirit of survival, strength, and sheer gutsiness found in the heart of your most mind-mannered New Yorker. The ship’s crest pictures a phoenix rising from the base of the Twin Towers, reinforcing the motto “Strength forged through sacrifice.  Never forget.”

Smart. Strong. Versatile. Just Like NYC!

USS New York The USS New York is no run-of-the-mill warship, uh-uh. It’s got all the style, strength and state-of-the-art technology that you would expect from a ship made with a slice of the Big Apple. Here are a few fun facts:

  • The USS New York is one of the most advanced LPDs (Landing Platform, Dock) in the US Navy, with an emphasis on adaptability to modern combat situations.
  • It is faster and her waterline is 111 feet longer than the last USS New York (there have been a few). Just goes to show that we’re always outdoing ourselves!
  • 1,200 Louisiana workers remained in the shipyard to keep building the USS New York after Hurricane Katrina; now that’s dedication.
  • It’s also humongous, able to carry over 1,000 Sailors and Marines.

Check out this cool, interactive feature to learn more about her. And, when you get a chance, just take a minute to think about the USS New York out there on the open ocean, and wish her well. After all, she does, in a way, belong to each and every one of us.