We donated storage to Aid for AIDS

Photo: sxc.hu

We love helping out wherever we can, and we know better than anyone that clutter can sometimes get in the way of a good thing!  That’s why we donated 100 square feet of storage space to help AID for AIDS International New York. Their city offices house their core operational center as well as a local NYC health program that provides access to medications, monitoring, and treatment/prevention education for Latin American and Caribbean immigrants living with HIV or AIDS. If you’d also like to lend a helping hand, visit AIDforAIDS.org.

From AIDforAIDS.org:

“It is a basic law of nature that stuff expands to fill the available space. Anybody who has ever moved into a larger apartment knows that no matter how much more room you have, there’s still too much stuff to cram into it. Manhattan Mini Storage has joined the number of supporters of AID FOR AIDS International with a much-needed donation of 100 square feet of storage space to accommodate items that we cannot fit into our offices.”