Voting closes this week for Apartment Therapy’s Design Showcase 2011 – have you cast your vote yet for the best new design of the year?

Apartment Therapy’s Design Showcase has been encouraging independent and student designers to create new concepts that help make homes more beautiful and inspiring places to live. In New York City, apartment inspiration can sometimes be hard to find (we’d guess it’s usually buried underneath the years’ worth of stuff crammed into your shoebox studio apartment). That’s why we’re excited to incorporate ideas from the third installment of the Design Showcase into our own apartments, and to see which two designers wins the opportunity to “make it big”!

Not sure how to choose your favorite design? Here are our top picks:

Design Showcase 2011

  1. The Nook Coffee Table, by Dave Pickett – It’s the perfect place to put your feet up when you don’t have lot of space.
  2. Secret Passageway Switch, by Ben Light –Use it to turn on a lamp, or activate a secret passageway! Either way, we can’t wait to get Mr. Light’s light switch.
  3. Wineglass Rack, by Julian King – A minimalist wine rack for NYC apartments that really makes your glasses sparkle.
  4. Collections Media Console, by Sawyer DeVuyst – Created from beautiful reclaimed NYC water tower wood, this furniture piece collects your favorite items for display all in one place.
  5. The M.O.C. (Made of Carpet), by Tricia Wright – You won’t find many NYC apartments that have carpets (for good reason), but there is a good use for it: sweeping your wood floors.

Want a Secret Passageway Switch of your own one day? Hurry, and vote now! Voting closes on Friday, September 30th.

Meanwhile, look for more imaginative ideas on how to live big in small spaces in our Minimalist House Tour section! Or, check out our great organizing tips for ways to cut down on clutter.