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Fresh Out of Storage: Meet the Artists- Calvin Lom

“This is my life. This walk-in storage facility is what I am proud of,” says Calvin, describing his storage unit. He imagines a future when a mass audience discovers his artwork: “This artist that lived, he left something behind,” he imagines them saying. “Something that was important –​ that he protected. My whole life is in this room.”

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Calling All Artists!

If you are storing your artworks at a Manhattan Mini Storage facility, we have some exciting news for you. You are being invited to apply to Fresh Out of Storage brought to you by No Longer Empty – an online project followed by an exhibition that will give exposure to you as an artist and also your stored artworks and the stories behind them. Fresh Out of Storage entails the following phases: All eligible applicants will have their artworks featured on a dedicated blog. 20 artists will be selected for a “Storage Visit”. Selected 20 artists will be interviewed for a three-minute...

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Organize Your $%&! Closet Already!

Nobody likes to spend time in the closet, as many Hollywood celebrities can attest. It’s dark. It’s cramped. It’s depressing. But the fact is, cleaning out your closet can be one of the most liberating things you can do for your apartment, your life and yourself. And organizing it the right way can feel downright fabulous. So even though the weather is gorgeous outside and you’re busy with work, social life and all the demands of your hectic New York City life, set a date to do battle with your closet, and keep it. Here’s how: Set the Mood...

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Time for Spring Cleaning – Finally!

We’ve had a very weird springtime – and not just because of what’s happening in the presidential race. If you’ll recall, early April was glorious – with lots of sunny, 60- and 70-degree days. But just when we were ready to pack away all those bulky sweaters, it got cold… REALLY cold. In fact, April 2016 was the coldest on record in over 20 years. And most of May wasn’t much better – with cooler-than-normal temperatures and tons of rain. But friends, spring is really, truly here now. In fact, it feels a lot like summer lately. (If you...

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