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The Best April EVER

Like a crocus peeking its head up through the mud, April calls you out to enjoy events that will warm your body and spirit. We have one rec for each day with the promise they will make you feel happy once again to be living in a place with such diverse and enjoyable offerings. Begin by moving your body, calming your mind and raising your vibration at Higher Levels: A Yoga Experience inside Madison Square Garden  (Monday, April 1st, 7:30PM). April is World Autism Month and on Tuesday, join the community raising awareness and understanding for the disease by...

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Marching Your Way

By early March, most of us are out of things to do to get us through what is left of winter. So this month, we’re devoting our blog to activities and events that will put a spring in your step before Spring even arrives (March 20th and yes, we’re counting). Coffee Fest is underway at the Javits Center and between America’s Best Cold Brew Competition and Coffee Fest Latte Art World Championship Open, there is plenty of fun for your inner caffeine junkie (Monday, March 4th – Tuesday, March 5th) The advent of Mardi Gras means live jazz, fresh...

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Ads That Belong in a Museum

Manhattan Mini Storage ads on display as part of the Wien Museum’s exhibition, “Where Things Live. The Self-Storage Phenomenon.” Photo: Klaus Pichler / Wien Museum We’ve always considered Manhattan Mini Storage advertising campaigns works of art, and now it is official. On February 14, 2019, a few of our favorite ads debuted as part of the exhibition “Where Things Live. The Self-Storage Phenomenon,” at Wien Museum in Vienna, Austria. The exhibition investigates not only how self-storage providers from across the globe address lack of storage space in cities, but also the universal theme of attachment, particularly to one’s stuff. Its central highlight is a collection of portraits of Vienna’s self-storage users and the ‘treasures’ they store. An exploration of an urban landscape from the Wien Museum exhibit. Photo: Klaus Pichler / Wien Museum “By displaying international examples of creative storage advertising campaigns, we analyze some of the main promises and appeals of self-storage providers: the promise to ‘save’ us from the ‘flood of things’ that seems to almost physically threaten people in their overflowing apartments,” says Martina Nussbaumer, who, along with Peter Stuiber, co-curated the exhibit. Personal storage items, displayed as part of the Wien Museum exhibit. Photo: Klaus Pichler / Wien Museum Visitors to the museum will take in some of Manhattan Mini Storage’s most popular and beloved campaigns: Storage Guru – Mini Storage, Maximum You (2018), Life...

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We ❤️ February

We love February. Despite its short length and erratic weather happenings, February is for bundling up, braving the elements, and finding things to do from the obvious to the offbeat that could only happen in New York. There is a reason you’ve chosen to live in or close to the greatest city in the world (and it’s not to stay at home on the couch eating those pastel-colored Valentine’s Day heart candies #HEARTYOU). Start the month with Arts Brookfield and a screening of the 1927 crime heist thriller Underworld, part of the Silent Film/Live Music series at Brookfield Place...

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Happy New Year! Wait, What?

We’re not sure how it happened, either, but 2019 has arrived. The Manhattan Mini Storage blog made one New Year’s resolution: to offer you an even more diverse, creative, and exciting events guide toManhattan. From restaurant openings to under-the-radar theater, free fitness classes to niche networking events, our suggestions will assist with your New Year’s resolution to try new things, take in more culture, or simply make the most out of living in (or visiting!) the best city in the world starting now. It may sound cliché but January really is a great month to kickstart your fitness journey....

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