Back to School, NYC!

back to school nyc

Photo by Sunfox, Flickr

Welcome back to all you wonderful, wandering big city college students!

Now, whether you were trotting the globe or crashing with your folks, we’re going to bet you missed NYC something fierce. Here are the top 7 signs that you were ready to return to the Big Bad Apple:

  1. By July, all your friends were sick of hearing any of your stories that started with, “Well, back in New York…”
  2. You stared at the coffee counter guy for a full minute wondering why he wasn’t asking you if you wanted your java white.
  3. You smelled the rotting garbage outside a restaurant and thought fondly of the Canal St. subway station.
  4. You almost spit out your organic, locally-sourced lemonade when your mom suggested Olive Garden for lunch.
  5. You bought a stuffed panda to take your frustrations out on.
  6. Your family thought you were acting weird when you walked five blocks to the grocery store instead of driving.
  7. You went speed walking around the strip mall just to find some slow people to yell at.

So, are we right? Or are we right? But at least you stored your stuff with us before you went gallivanting off and could rest well knowing your things were safe and sound. (Um. You did store with us, didn’t you? Good.)

What were the other ways you knew you missed NYC? Go ahead and share them with us…we’re always hoping to hear from fellow die-hard New Yorkers. And, again, welcome back! The City missed you!