Photo by Seth W.

Storing Your Bike Lets You Enjoy the Perks of Pedaling – Without the Burn

Hot on the heels of a certain romantic ride, the Big Apple seems to be all abuzz for biking these days. And it’s certainly true that when you have a bike in NYC, you have a whole bunch of awesome things to partake in like:

One thing you shouldn’t have to do? Worry about where to keep it. That’s why getting bike storage in NYC lets you enjoy all the perks of pedaling without the hassle.

Why Bike Storage in NYC is A Must

City living ain’t always easy, but New Yorkers know that behind every smog cloud there’s an urban rainbow. When you’ve got a bike in New York City, you can pretty much guarantee that if you leave it locked up outside while you go away for a long weekend or chained outside in the snow all February, you won’t have it for long. By all accounts, bike thefts in New York are far higher than anywhere in the country (hey, even our criminals are better than anywhere else!). And unless you have this apartment,  you’d probably be tripping over your vintage Schwinn every five minutes if you left it in the  hallway (that is of course after you hauled it up 7 flights of stairs – super fun!) So what’s the alternative for bike storage if you live in NYC?

Bike Storage in New York City Can Be This Easy

Imagine: You’ve worked a ten hour day. You pedal through the early evening streets of Manhattan, happy not to be jammed elbow-to-gut on the hot subway. Just before you reach your apartment, you pop into your conveniently located Manhattan Mini Storage unit, waving to the friendly staff as you wheel your trusty two-wheeler into the elevator. You open your clean, climate-controlled storage unit, and place “Roberta” (your cycle which is maybe named after your pet bunny) into her nightly resting place.  You’re home and on the couch less than ten minutes later, comfortably assured that your bike will be exactly where you left it in the morning.

Let our Storage Advisors Help You Get Bike Storage in NYC

At Manhattan Mini Storage, we’re all about how storage can make city living as painless as possible. Whether it’s tips for tackling small spaces or great home design ideas, we’re here for you! Now let us help. Call us for bike storage in NYC and take your quality of life up a notch. And here’s another great idea: why not save money by joining the Manhattan Bike Polo league instead of your anger management classes.

Wondering what to do with the bikes once you get to work? Our sister company, Edison Parkfast offers bike parking in Manhattan for only $1/day or $20/month.