Bike Storage in New York City Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

Bicycle storage in NYC concerns more and more New Yorkers.  The truth is if you have a bike in New York City, you’re a step ahead everyone else.  You’re keeping yourself healthy, saving the environment and most likely saving money all at the same time.  Great job!  But there’s another side to owning a bicycle in the city…

You come home from a long day and stand at the bottom of your 4 flights of stairs staring up at your impending task that you’re forced to endure every day you decide to leave your apartment.  Or perhaps you wake up in the morning and go to your bike storage only to find that your bicycle has, in fact, been stolen!

Finding the Perfect Bike Storage in New York City

Now close your eyes and image the following scenario…

  • Coming home from a long day, walking into your nearby and convient Manhattan Mini Storage unit and storing your bike
  • Having peace of mind that your bike will be just where you left it the next morning
  • Having bike storage that is climate-controlled so your bike won’t rust
  • Being able to enjoy more floor space in your apartment
  • And if you don’t own a bike, picture yourself going out and getting one for all its benefits and safely storing your bike in New York City

Indoor Bike Storage Solutions

Finding indoor bike storage in New York City should not be a hassle.  But how and where do you store your bike?  When storing your bike, it’s important to consider some key points:

  • Make sure your bike is secured so it won’t fall over, since this could damage the bike’s hanger alignment. 
  • Store your bike in an unheated, climate-controlled space.  A cold bike being brought into a warm house could cause severe condensation buildup, which may then cause rust.
  • Keep your bike away from refrigerators, since Freon can damage tires quickly.  This also applies to any solvents, oils and UV light.
  • Consider getting a tire rack to keep tires off the ground. Check the tires regularly to make sure they are inflated.
  • If storing your bike for a longer period of time, a bike cover can help offer extra protection.

Hopefully these bike storage solutions will offer some good ideas on storing your bicycle in New York City.  And for those who have yet to jump on the biking bandwagon, perhaps these points will help solve your bike storage predicaments.