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It’s on Monday January 25, 2010 this year!

What to do with All that Bubble Wrap® after Moving?

Bubble Wrap® packaging has changed civilization forever, and we ought to consider ourselves blessed as a species to have had the minds of its inventors Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes among us.  Little did they know that they had singlehandedly created one of the most useful, powerful, and amusing things humanity will ever experience.  Bubble Wrap® rolls (as you can already tell, these divine devices go by many names, but we all know what is being spoken of) are without limit in their use; indeed, the only limitations of bubble wrap rolls are those brought about by the users’ imaginations.

What you are going to see here is but a small sample of Bubble Wrap® packaging’s innumerable functions.  Hopefully, these examples will stir your thoughts for further uses of Bubble Wrap® after you have finished employing the Bubble Wrap® for it’s intended protective uses.

Bubble Wrap® Bags as Fashion

bubble--wrap-hatBubble Wrap® rolls truly shine when they are donned by those whose fashion sense is nothing less than exceptional.  It is saddening for the fashion world that more people do not see the inherent value of this material.  The following should make anyone who considers themselves as having an above average sense of style utterly speechless:Incredible.  If you were able to both protect your goods and make an awesome hat with your bubble wrap packaging, wouldn’t you take this material much more seriously?

It’s not quite over yet, nor will it ever be for bubble wrap rolls.  Another fine example of Bubble Wrap® packaging’s fashion capabilities will also be displayed here.  Perhaps it is even more jaw dropping than the hat.

What does one wear under their Bubble Wrap® Pants? Bubble Wrap® underwear perhaps?   The hat would match perfectly of course, but there is plenty of potential here without direct Bubble Wrap® accompaniment.  We have even found a Bubble Wrap Bride!  Reuse and Recycle takes on new meaning; after you move your prized possessions, the remaining bubble wrap packaging can play a big part in your own personal makeover.


Bubble Wrap Bags and Camping/Sleepoversbubble-wrap-sleeping-bag

Fashion and Bubble Wrap®rolls are fine and dandy, you say, but how about some more practical examples of their use?

What if after—or during—the taking care of the relocation of your valuables you find yourself pressed to locate a sleeping bag of some type for a recent camping trip or necessary sleepover that has come up?  Your moving materials have the perfect, cheap solution for you, and you also have the added benefit of looking good during your outing. Behold!

How’s that for comfort and style? The multi uses of  Bubble Wrap® rolls  have no bounds.

Bubble Wrap Packaging’s Other Means of Protection

When you Bubble Wrap® wrap, your valuables are known to be important—but your life is more so.  The reach of Bubble Wrap®packaging goes far beyond the boxes into which it is stuffed, as the following examples show.

Take a look at how these people took care of the problem:


They can likely survive Armageddon in there, and it’s all because of Bubble Wrap® packaging and Fielding and Chavannes.

How about insulation and decoration inside your main home (as opposed to the safety shelter above)?  This is also covered by Bubble Wrap®:


Nothing less than amazing.  Would this Bubble Wrap® packaging be doing anything better if it were disposed after its time protecting precious belongings?  It is doubtful it would be. Being Green is very creative and inspiring when bubble wrap® is the item to be reused.

Bubble Wrap® Bags and…Art?

As shown, the use of Bubble Wrap® packaging is boundless.  Beyond its uses in fashion, survival, and decoration rests its capabilities as an art medium.  Bubble Wrap®can capture the inexpressible every bit as well as it does everything else.  Look for yourself:


As you look unto it, it looks unto you also. It takes the concept of 3 D pop art to a whole new level!   When you buy Bubble Wrap®, you have the power to create masterpieces such as this.

Buy Bubble Wrap®; Embrace the Infinite Possibilities

By no means is this post an exhaustive list of what you can do with bubble wrap supplies!  If you have any stories, art or ideas about the creative uses of Bubble Wrap®, please share them here or on the Manhattan Mini Storage Facebook Page! We will be making a Top Ten List of Uses for Bubble Wrap® in the upcoming months!

Now you know that whenever you buy bubble wrap packaging, you are beginning an undertaking whose grandeur is known to few.

Oh right, I forgot:  bubble wrap is also fun to pop, especially when it’s used for a calendar.

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