Halloween one of New York City’s favorite holidays, and there’s no exception here at Manhattan Mini Storage! We’ve cooked up some great costume ideas all made from Manhattan Mini Storage moving boxes.

1. New York City, the Place
The island of Manhattan is conveniently tall and rectangle-shaped, so it’s easy to create a cutout to wear. Use it as a PSA to help everyone remember: if you leave the city, you’ll have to live in America.

2. Subway Lost and Found Box
For this fearsome costume, cut a hole out of the bottom of a box big enough to fit around your waist. Then, fill the box with any of the following: a pet rat, lost socks, grocery bags, a single shoe, or broken umbrellas.

3. Taxi Cab
A New York City classic. For these cardboard box costumes, all you have to do is paint a box yellow, cut some windows, and fit it over your head. Consider embellishing with rooftop ads for Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark.

cardboard halloweeen costumes

Suitcase photo by Lasse C, Flickr

4. Nuts 4 Nuts Cart
Similar to a taxicab costume, but should fit lower down on your waist so you can have your hands free for selling – what else? – nuts.

5. Suitcase
Use your Halloween costume to show everyone why you moved to New York – because nobody becomes famous in Des Moines.

6. The 99%
One cardboard box can make at least 4 signs, which you can use to tell Wall Street bankers how you feel.

7. The Brooklyn Bridge
For this, you’ll need a friend. First, decide who gets to be the Manhattan side (try flipping a coin). Then, use 2 boxes for the bridge towers and some string to attach them (the “suspension”).

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We can’t wait to see what you create! Tweet us pics of your finished costumes for inspiration, or show them off on our Facebook page!