Storage Space Love Stories: Meet Kelly & Yazmira Paulson-Balik

June 19, 2015
We like Baby Ella, but we love our storage room!

Names: Kelly Paulson-Balik & Yazmira Paulson-Balik Occupation: Chef/Civil Rights Attorney New Yorkers Since: 2008 (Kelly) 1999 (Yazmira) Neighborhood: East Village Big Dream: Kelly: To open my own restaurant Yazmira: To be able to sleep late Signature Style: Anything you can throw into the washing machine Why They Love Their Storage Room: Yazmira: “As you can…

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Storage Space Love Stories: Meet Philip Matapang

June 5, 2015
I like film festivals, but I love my storage room.

Name: Philip Matapang Occupation: Filmmaker New Yorker Since: 2011 Neighborhood: SoHo Big Dream: Winning an Academy Award for Best Director Signature Style: Casual, but never sloppy Why He Loves His Storage Room: “Making movies requires a lot equipment. The booms and light stands in particular take up a ton of space. You can’t fit that…

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Storage Space Love Stories: Meet Kingsley Adebayo and Seth Freidman

May 27, 2015
We like musicals, but we love our storage room.

Names: Kingsley Adebayo & Seth Freidman Occupation: Doctoral Candidate/Event Planner New Yorkers Since: 2010 (Kingsley) 2000 (Seth) Neighborhood: Chelsea Big Dream:  Kingsley: To finish my PhD and marry Seth. Seth: To marry Kingsley, and to adopt a dog. Kingsley: We’re not getting a dog. Signature Style: Traditional Why They Love Their Storage Room: Kingsley: “Seth…

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Storage Space Love Stories: Meet Abigail Van De Kamp (aka “Mimi”)

May 11, 2015
I like my grandchildren, but I love my storage room.

Name: Abigail Van De Kamp (aka “Mimi”) Occupation: Museum Fundraiser (Retired) New Yorker Since: 1968 Neighborhood: Upper East Side Big Dream: Great-grandchildren – but not yet Signature Style: Casual chic Why She Loves Her Storage Room: “My son and daughter-in-law live just outside the city – in Fort Lee – and they frequently drop their…

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Storage Space Love Stories: Meet Madison DeWitt

May 4, 2015
I like my line, but I love my storage room.

  Name: Madison DeWitt Occupation: Fashion Designer New Yorker Since: 2012 Neighborhood: Upper East Side Big Dream: To show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Signature Style: Classic romantic, with a big dash of edge. Why She Loves Her Storage Room: “I live in a studio apartment. And between the dress forms, drafting tools, sewing machines, fabrics,…

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Storage Space Love Stories: Meet Tipsy von Tart

April 28, 2015
Manhattan Mini Storage Drag Queen

  Name: Tipsy von Tart Occupation: Entertainer/Diva New Yorker Since: 1999 Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen Big Dream: To conquer the world Signature Style: Utterly fabulous Why She Loves Her Storage Room: “Honey, it takes a lot of wigs, heels, gowns and beauty products to look this glamorous all the time. I share a three-bedroom walk-up with…

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Learn to Organize Like a Pro… For Free!

January 19, 2015

  Want to make the most of your space? Come on down to Manhattan Mini Storage for a live demo led by Daphne Kohavy, professional organizer and founder of The Functuary! She’ll show you the best ways to organize your storage space and improve your life!   When:  Wed, February 11th, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Where:…

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We will rack you! Free rolling racks and shelves for smarter, more organized storage.

January 6, 2015
rolling rack with shelf

You live in NYC, which probably means you’re an achiever. A Type-A (or at least B+) personality, if you will. You’ve made the choice to store your things to make your life cleaner, simpler, easier.   But what if we told you that you’re missing out? That your storage experience could be SO. MUCH. BETTER?…

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The Top Five Questions People Ask Us About Manhattan Mini Storage

March 26, 2014

The Empire State Building. The Statue of Liberty. The Brooklyn Bridge. All are icons of this incredible city we call home. And at the risk of sounding immodest, we think some New Yorkers may include Manhattan Mini Storage on that list. After all, we were the first self-storage company in New York (way back in 1978!), and…

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NYC Architect Launches Art Project at Manhattan Mini Storage!

October 8, 2013

When people decide to store their most personal treasures, how does that change their living space? How do people negotiate their relationships to that changed space? And what can they do to stay connected to their belongings, even after they’ve been stored away? Those are some of the questions New York-based artist Alex Schweder will…

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