Storage for College, the Final Frontier for Far-Traveling Students

The semester is upon us again and for some quick information about what both students and parents can do to make storage for college easier, definitely have a look at our posts Tips for Parents Sending Kids off to College and Going to College Checklist – College Dorm Supplies List.  There is still one more area that must be covered for this topic: the storage needs of college students coming in from out of town.

College Student Storage Is a Universal, Whether Living On or Off Campus

Plenty of what has already been said is certainly applicable to almost all students, but those who are coming in from elsewhere to study in the NYC area have other things to consider during their life-transforming move into the world of undergraduates.  Let’s just say that they do not have the same ‘conveniences’ that students with family close by likely have-namely, a home base to go to that serves, basically, as their college storage unit. 

It’s nice to know that there is a place for you to go to retrieve, say, your bicycle, skis/snowboard, and/or monstrous video game collection.  If there is no place in your dorm for these fantastic-but perhaps not essential-items, being able to quickly head home over the weekend to gain access to them, and return them as needed, is a nice perk.  It really makes you feel, well, still at home.

Storage for College and the Role of Distance

Now let’s envision a student from, say, Washington trying to make the same commute to items she/he cannot fit in her/his dorm, whatever they may be.  Unless this student is willing to book two flights every weekend (or make two long road trips, in the case of a student living closer-two road trips across the country are not possible on the weekend…),  she/he can forget about hobbies previously enjoyed in the comfort of the home.  If a student has room only for the essentials, that student can look forward to a somewhat austere semester in terms of long-held personal interests.  This is not to say that new hobbies cannot be developed, but if all it takes is some effective storage to preserve those the student has already invested a great amount of time in, the choice for many out-of-town students is likely apparent:  invest in storage during your undergraduate career.

College Storage Just Got More Meaningful 

In short, a nearby place to put your space consuming hobby-stuff when you are heading off to a new area for school keeps you connected with yourself, can lessen homesickness, and provides a greater sense of security.  Having storage for college not only preserves things that you have, but also things that you do and are.

If you are attending college in Manhattan, it’s easy to find a convenient storage facility  and  continue on with what you love while you make the ever important moves through life.