Our favorite “crazy piano guy,” Colin Huggins, is in the news again. He’s definitely one of our more colorful guests, and we enjoy storing his grand piano:

What It’s Like to Play a Grand Piano in a NYC Park Every Day

By Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg

“Each day I have to go to Manhattan Mini Storage, pick up the piano which is on its side, legs removed, and it’s all wrapped up. I bring it down the ramp and through the parking lot there, and then I’m good to go,” Colin Huggins says, describing the beginning of his day. Then he pushes the massive instrument a few blocks to Washington Square Park (“I try to obey traffic laws”) where he plays for a crowd of tourists and locals. The documentary series New Yorkers spends a hot August day with him as he reflects on his passion for music and his ambition to do something more. He takes pride in the rapport he has with his audience, though; “The first time I heard you playing,” one fan wrote in a note, “was the moment I fell in love with New York.”

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