New York City Tops Forbes ‘ List: Best City for Singles

 All New Yorkers know our city is the best in all things, still it is good to hear that bestness acknowledged!  Based on coolness, cost of living, job growth, online dating participation, nightlife and the ratio of singles to the entire population of the city, Forbes gave the Big Apple the number one rating as THE place to be single in the US!

Not Alone if You’re Single in NYC

Singles make up 28% of the New York City’s entire population and that is a lot of singles! Manhattan  is home to more than 8 million people and New York metropolitanarea, home to about 20 million.  That’s over two and a quarter million singles in Manhattan alone and over five and half million single folks in the general area. That doesn’t even count the pure numbers of people who live in other suburbs such as Long Island, NJ, Westchester or Conn and either work or play in NYC and therefore; are actively living a single life there at times as well.

 The Forbes study, however, does not say whether it is a  “best” rating as in ” the most things to do and fun  if  you want to be single and live the single life” or whether it is a “best” as in ” best place to find a mate and have a relationship and  STOP being single”.

We can infer, though, that if you are single in NYC, counting in all the suburban single imports: there is probably close to 10 million fish in the sea if that sea is NYC!!

Which is good because, apparently, not all singles in NYC desire to stay single.

A full 8% of’s user base is stationed in NYC. For comparison only 5% of the population of Los Angeles, the second-largest metro in the country, actively uses the site.  Online dating sites have also seen a growth in the numbers of people looking for their one and only since the economic downturn has occurred. has reported a 48% increase in subscriptions in the last year. We know that Eharmony, who claims that 236 people get married every day after being matched by eHarmony sure must have enough incoming revenue to pay for all those TV ads. The increase in dating has been contributed to the economy:

“People are telling us that when things are tough, core needs are most important. And love–someone to share your life with–is a core need.”

That sounds real sweet, and not to be cynical, but…

In Manhattan, Your Love Life could be about Saving Money on Rent!

If the average one bedroom in Manhattan listed at an average of $3,522 and the average entry-level salary is at $35,593 for our urban New Yorkers. 

Shacking up is a great way to improve your standard of living! 

While getting a roommate is pretty much a standard for NY life, finding a partner and being able to share a bed makes it so much easier! With a roommate, then you have to have at least two sleeping spaces and some degree of privacy for when either one of you do “get lucky”. With a sweetie, one bedroom, share you bath, no hangers on the door, you eat together, you live together and.. you still pay only half the rent!

So while New Yorkers very well might be looking for love a bit more than the rest of the nation, you can’t rule out the real estate tie in. And with so many singles, it’s very possible to have a great time while you looking for that perfect rent reduction.

The biggest problem might actually be that when you do find that soul mate, you might have one to many couches. Just remember, love can be fleeting.. so don’t sell that couch with a prenuptial! Just put it in a new york city storage facilities.. just in case!