You’ve probably heard people suggesting you to have a simpler life with only necessary items. While in theory it sounds good, it’s not always so easy to implement into reality. Paring down and throwing away your belongings could be a complicated task.

There are several things you can do to declutter while not going overboard and keeping your space truly feeling like a home.

Photo by: Apartment Therapy

Eliminate Unused Items

Part of decluttering means getting rid of things you don’t want or use. Commonly, articles suggest purging things you haven’t used within a certain time period.  This applies to everything from clothing to furniture. If you’re not using it and it’s just gathering dust, sell or donate it. If there are some items you cannot part with them? That’s why there is storage. It’ll free up some much needed space. 

Keep Cherished Items

While you should eliminate the things you don’t use, it doesn’t mean getting rid of every single one of your everything. You want a home that looks lived in, not a museum. So purge but feel free to keep things like the drum set you bought on your trip to Africa or that heirloom ceramic cat from Great Aunt Ida, just so long as they’re used or have a deeper meaning.

Buy Only What You Need

The quickest way to avoid having to declutter? By not buying unnecessary items to begin with. When making major purchases (or even some minor ones), keep in mind what you really need and don’t be swayed by the cute item on sale or the accessory that looks so good but that you don’t really need. If you think you really want something that’s not on your must-have list, think about it, and if it’s still constantly on your mind, head back to get it. Chances are, you’ll forget about said item shortly after your shopping trip.

Multipurpose Furniture

Try decorating your space with multipurpose furniture. They are great space-saving solutions that will transform a room by reducing its visual clutter. You can check out at AptDeco for great furnishing options at great prices.

Tech-less Bedrooms

Create a relaxed and cozy space by eliminating the TV and other electronic devices in the bedroom. They bring cords and extra equipment that produce extra clutter. A tech-less bedroom will help you to meditate and recharge your energy.



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