Courtesy of Flickr: eviltomthai

If You Can Imagine It, You Can Achieve It

In your apartment, is every countertop topped? Every open space under siege by stuff? If you find yourself dreaming of coming home to a spare, serene living room instead of a domestic DMZ zone, we’re here to help.

Say It With Us: Yes, Yes I Can (De-clutter My Home)!

Practically perfect habitats have two things in common: a clutter-free space and a little bit of inspiration. Manhattan Mini Storage is already the best solution to unclutter your home (our storage units in NYC are safe, convenient, and cheap), but did Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel without first listening to a few hymns? (We actually don’t know the historical answer to that, but we’re guessing no.) Starting today, we’re shining a spotlight on New Yorkers apartments who’ve got this whole uncluttered aesthetic thing down. First up is an Upper West-sider who knows when to show some restraint.

We found this photo of Flickr user Evilthomthai’s Upper West Side bedroom that has two really great things going for it.

1. Tiny Taste. While it’s tempting to display every finger painting and free postcard you come across, wall clutter is still clutter – it’s just vertical! Evilthomthai’s artwork is limited to 1-2 framed pieces per solidly painted wall, adding personalized flavor to the room without being busy OR boring. If you can’t part with your Beer! poster or early Rothko, don’t worry! Pretend your apartment is a gallery and rotate artwork periodically throughout the year, storing artwork that’s not in use.

2. Legroom. See the floor space between the dresser, the chair and the bed? Notice what isn’t there (besides dirty socks) – nothing! Keeping the amount of furniture crammage to a minimum is an automatic de-cluttering trick – plus it lets the natural beauty of those hardwood floors shine through. Don’t stack ottomans atop each other just because you have them. Furniture storage is a great way to hold on to furniture you can’t part with till the day you need it.

How about you? Does your wall hold amoeba-like picture collages from days of yore? Are you tripping over Grandma’s rocking chair and looking for furniture storage solutions? Are you going to try Evilthomthai’s minimal mastery to unclutter your home? Tell us in the comments!