How to find that extra living space in Manhattan Living Spaces

Almost every true New Yorker has had that studio apartment or share space that pretty much is the size of a walk in closet. It can be very challenging to make a tiny space work for you and accommodate all the things one needs for daily life. Here are the best top twelve hints to make your small space more livable:

1. Double Duty Furniture: There are plenty of furnishings on the market now that have duel purposes. Ottomans, for example, can be an attractive foot rest, guest seating and a coffee table all in one! Sometimes you can even find them with a guest bed inside or, better yet, look for one with storage space inside. An old steamer trunk can serve similar purposes and can be used to store out-of-season clothing, linens and towels.

2. Categorize your daily use items. Buy wicker baskets, colorful plastic boxes, or whatever suits your style. There are many to choose from to match any look. Big box stores like Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond have decent selections or you could try specialty shops like The Container Store. Containers will organize all of those small items that make a room look cluttered and keep your life simplified.

3. Use Mirrors. A mirror reflects light and opens up a space making it visually larger and giving the eye another direction to go. Adding a large mirror r several smaller ones in attractive frames not only can be interior décor, but can bounce light through a room and create movement.

4. Let the sun shine in! A space with all the shades drawn not only feels darker, but smaller and stuffier.. Sheer draperies let the light shine through making a space more inviting. Keeping windows uncovered alos expands a tiny area and incorporates the outdoors in.

5. Designate areas: Even if you have only one room, create a sense of purpose by grouping like items together. Have a bedroom area, a dressing zone, a kitchen spot, etc. It will help you feel together and organized as well as creating a sense of comfort.

6. Create a visual focus. Maybe it’s the view, maybe it’s a piece of art, or maybe the fireplace, but whatever is the best feature of your apartment or of your possessions, give it some dramatic styling. This allows your eye to be naturally pulled to a certain point and then “rest” making a space both visually calmer and more attractive. Just remember, the focal point should NOT be the TV!

7. Break up your space with dividers. Make a sleeping area seem like a true “bedroom” with a decorative screen or hand large curtains. This can also created another “wall” on which to place furniture so you don’t have all your things placed around the perimeter in a square.

8. Fight Clutter. Clutter is just not an option. Too many knick-knacks and too much furniture crowds everything together too much. Keep your necessary items, such as extra bed linens put away in a dresser or wicker baskets. Kitchen counters should be kept clean with everything in the cupboards…if possible.

9. Buy furniture that is visually “lighter”. For instance, a table with spindle legs will let you see the space underneath and a room can appear bigger. Metal wire legs, mirrored surfaces, or glass also serve the same purposes. Heavy skirting, thick wood pieces both crowd a room.

10. Use paint to your best advantage. While lighter colors will help brighten a space, pure white can create a real boring look, plus be sterile and cold. Try warmer tints such as light golds, or toffee based taupes to bring light and warmth. And if you are a color person, try strategic placement of a brighter tone as an accent in areas, or one wall for a punch of personality without overdoing it.

11. Move it up! Get items off the ground and onto walls. Use shelves, hanging baskets, hooks, etc to help with both organization and clutter busting. Even a bed can go higher, leaving you room underneath for more storage, or that studio apartment staple: the loft bed.

12. Move it out! If you don’t use something weekly, it might be a good idea to think about a self storage facility! Convenient locations and 24 hour access plus low pricing allows you to have additional closet and storage space near home. That’s why Manhattan Mini Storage is here for you.

Decorating a studio apartment can be a challenging task, but using the above tips can help you get started in the right direction. Do You have any great tips on how you make your teeny tiny NYC apartment more livable? Lets us know