For students hauling their stuff into dorms for the first time, it might be hard to imagine living comfortably in a room that even space-sacrificing New Yorkers might call “modest.” Never fear – this week’s Back to School-themed Organize This post will help you learn how to fit a lot into a little.


Photo by samcrockett, Flickr

Our favorite tools for dorm room organization (don’t move in without them):

#1  Stick-on hooks – use them for towels, coats, whatever. Just get it off the floor.

#2  Bed risers – use them to make room for under-bed storage items, such as…

#3  Storage tubs – great for bulky items, like winter clothes or school supplies.

#4  Shelves – prop them up over your desk with cinderblocks or plastic drawer units.

#5  Over the door shoe organizer – seriously, get one of these.

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Dorm Room Organization:

  • DO get a sense of what your dorm room will look like before you arrive. Most schools provide a scale drawing layout of dorm rooms on their websites.
  • DON’T bring every article of clothing you own. Bring only what you need for the next few months, and switch out seasonal items when you go home for the holidays.
  • DO set up a loft bed, if you can. Building upwards allows for more space on the floor for things like all-night Battleship marathons.
  • DON’T treat your desk as a catch-all. It may be the only horizontal space you have to store things, so for maximum sanity, make sure your desk stays organized.
  • DO add shelves whenever and wherever you can. Surface space is at a premium in most dorm rooms, so you’ll appreciate an extra shelf or two.

Check out our Organize This section for more handy space-saving tips for dorm room organization! And if you truly can’t fit it all, we’ve got you covered with affordable NYC storage units near every university. Give us a call at 212-STORAGE for info!