That’s right! Our parent company is launching a new initiative this month to help promote a greener New York City by pushing New Yorker’s conversion to electric vehicles in the Big Apple! Edison Parkfast has completed installation of electric vehicle charging stations at 21locations in NYC and NJ. And because they’re really serious about making it easy to go green, customers can enjoy free charging until 12/31/11, when you park your car.

Here’s a couple of cool facts about electric cars to get you even more psyched about them!

Electric Cars in NYC

  • The first electric car appeared back in 1830. That’s older than the Chinese takeout carton in the back of your fridge.
  • Electric cars are completely silent – the way you wish your music-blaring neighbors were.
  • Electric cars have been estimated to get as much as 350 miles per gallon! Depending on how much you drive, you might not have to fill up again till 2012.

For more information about our charging stations, and the ChargePoint® Program which currently provides electric vehicle charging infrastructure to nine regions across the United States visit And while there, why not make a guaranteed reservation for New York City parking or New Jersey parking for your vehicle, bicycle, scooter or motorcycle?