A Facebook fan of ours recently shared a link with us to the trailer for “Esposito,” a new feature-length film showing at the Manhattan Film Festival in July. We loved it, because it’s about a subject near and dear to our hearts: the contents of a storage unit.

We know that the things you keep in storage mean something to you. Otherwise, you’d have thrown them away long ago! And because that’s also what this new film is about, we’re giving away 2 free tickets to the screening on July 25th.

This beautiful-looking film, which has already won several awards at film festivals, is about a boy’s mission to win the heart of a girl with her own lost belongings.

See the trailer here:

esposito movie

To win 2 free tickets to see Esposito at the Manhattan Film Festival, just tell us one thing by posting it on our Facebook wall: what‘s the best gift to win someone’s heart? We’ll pick a winner in the coming weeks!

If you’re more of a Twitter addict you can tweet us @ManhattanMini instead, and use the hashtag #storeandlove.

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