Last year, we wondered what it’d be like to pack up your stuff and leave the city for a tailgating tour of US football stadiums. This year, we’ve got a list of must-have football-watching gear for all you loyal fans planning on supporting your team through thick and thin – whether it’s in your living room or in a stadium parking lot.

football fan checklist

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It’s time to fish your foam fingers, pigskins, and face paint out of sports equipment storage! Take these 5 Game Day Must-Haves out of storage and kick off the season right.

  1. Every [fill in team color] item of clothing you own. In fact, it might be a good idea to just put shirts in opposing team colors back in storage for the season.
  2. Football-themed paraphernalia. That includes all the foam fingers, plush mascot hats, face painting kits, and beer cozies.
  3. A working DVR. Make sure to do a thorough overhaul of your Tivo now! You don’t want a glitchy machine that’s overfilled with Glee episodes acting up in round 2 of the playoffs.
  4. Team tailgating tent. You may watch most of the games on your couch, but your favorite rivalry-game of the season deserves a trek and it pays to make sure everyone knows where the REAL fans are at. Don’t forget to bust out your folding chairs and blankets, too!
  5. You probably pulled your grill out of storage for the summer a few months ago, but if you didn’t – now is the time! You’ll need those hot dogs for fuel when the games go into overtime.

Whether or not your team is victorious come Super Bowl XLVI, remember: it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.

Soon enough, you’ll be making room for all your March Madness practice hoops. We’ll store the rest of your football sports gear out of the way come springtime, safe and sound and waiting for you to break out with a vengeance at next season’s fall kickoff! Give us a call today at 212-STORAGE for rates as low as $29/month.