We’ve already got the hookup for all your storage needs but now people looking for storage in Midtown have yet another reason to use Manhattan Mini Storage. Starting this week, WIFI will be available for free at our location on 420 E. 62nd St and you know what that means! (You can keep refreshing The Daily Puppy homepage for new additions, even when you’ve got to pop by the storage unit for a pickup.)

Three Other Great Ways You Can Take Advantage of Our new Free WIFI:


1. Blog from the floor of your storage unit = save $$ on your mushrooming Starbucks habit. Bonus: you won’t have to run into that barista you made out with after too many double Espressos last week.

2. Surf ebay to bid on more items to keep your storage unit full of interesting double-duty collector items. Yes, you need another vintage 1990s wine rack/bar stool combo and now you’ll have the access to swoop in and increase that auction by 25cents in the NICK OF TIME!

3. Attempt to oust iheartgab2y from her current Mayorship by checking into Foursquare on your WIFI enabled Smartphone faster than everyone else. Reward yourself with a Starbucks because governing is hard work.

Free WIFI is just the newest addition to our long list of perks (like walk-in closets with drawers and climate control units), and we’re still proudly sporting some of the lowest rates around (starting at $29/month). All this adds up to the best storage option in Midtown NYC that’s a no-brainer.