Susan Natale, a visual artist and sculptor, believes mixed media assemblage is a great way to document the stories she must tell. Her work tells eternal stories filtered through contemporary culture. Susan re-purposes personal archives, found objects, and acquisitions to create visual narratives with a social conscience. Her foundation in painting allows her to maintain a framework and passion for color and composition.

susan natal fresh out of storage

For a while, she used the front half of a large storage unit as her studio. “I painted there, enjoying climate control, clean restrooms, CNN on the free wifi and coffee.” From that unit, she participated in Open House New York and showed her 9/11 series and other work. The long white hallways became her gallery. Although now she maintains a private studio, storage is still important to her work. Her collections in storage remain a source of both inspiration and material.













No Longer Empty and Manhattan Mini Storage are pleased to present Fresh Out of Storage, a unique project that brings to life and to light some of the many artworks that are kept in storage in New York City. No Longer Empty is a non-profit organization that activates public engagement with contemporary art through curated, community-responsive exhibitions and education programs that revive underutilized properties.

The project, which was open to all artists who have stored their work at a Manhattan Mini Storage facility, will be presented in three separate formats: an online presentation ( will showcase the work of all 35 artists who submitted their work for consideration;  a video documentary, which will present interviews with 18 artists who were selected for Open Storage Visits; and the physical exhibition, featuring the works of ten of those artists, which will be held at the Manhattan Mini Storage facility at 645 West 44th Street (417), from Oct. 13th and now extended by popular demand to October 28th!