Before you break out the vision board or set pen to paper to define your 2018 goals, take some time to work from the outside in. Researchers at Princeton found that clutter can actually make it more difficult to focus on a particular task.

Minimalist lifestyle Instagrammers make getting rid of all of your stuff look easy, and organizational blogs can give you great tips on getting the most out of your closet space, but what do you do when you live in Manhattan and barely even have a closet to begin with? Don’t get discouraged – here are some tips to get you started:

Store Your Holiday Décor

  1. Get holiday decor out the door.

Owning holiday decorations in New York used to mean choosing between giving up all of your hall closet space, or making year-round Christmas lights a decorative choice. Having a self storage unit makes it possible to have ornaments, a menorah, AND twinkly lights (without having to look at them the other 320 days of the year).

  1. Clean out your closets – you didn’t wear them cause they’re worn out.

This tip is as simple as it is difficult. No matter the emotional attachment, if you haven’t worn it this year, get it out of your closet. Keep a special eye out for any items that have holes or just don’t fit quite right, especially items you try on time and time again, but never end up wearing. Removing these will streamline getting dressed and cut down on that pile of clothes that always ends up on the foot of your bed.

Clothing breakups can be hard. But self storage is a great alternative to getting rid of your clothes for good. It’s way less stressful, and in the off chance that low rise jeans come back in style, you can always visit your storage unit and get them back.

You Don't HAVE To Get Rid of Sentimental Items

  1. You don’t have to toss it, but it doesn’t need to be taking up valuable space either.

That college degree you don’t display? The big, fancy juicer you bought during last year’s “New Year, New Me” health kick? The box of love letters from your exes? Storing these items can make physical space in your apartment, but more importantly, free up mental space for you to focus on the future, and not the past.

  1. Make a party out of “Organization Day”.

The grand finale! Make an event out of your new year decluttering by setting a date after New Years Eve and scheduling your free storage shuttle pickup in advance.  Make it more fun by putting on a “cleaning the house” playlist, and think about the goals you want to set in motion for the New Year.

Once you clear your space, it will be even easier to clear your mind and get motivated for everything else. Here’s to the new 2018 you. Cheers!