storage in nyc for decorationsA wise and wonderful friend once passed on this bit of safe advice: If you can’t hide it, decorate it. And as any New Yorker knows, there are plenty of opportunities to dress up those unhide-able bits of our living spaces. Got a bathtub in the kitchen? Turn it into a Polynesian-style island. Does your only have a prime view of your neighbor’s building…five inches away? Turn that bleak, grey wall into a mural.


Why? Because our desire to decorate is innately human. And when the holidays roll around, the flames of that desire are stoked to inferno intensity. Just because you live in NYC and have less room now than in your freshman dorm, doesn’t mean the urge to adorn goes away.


In fact, we think it makes decorating all that more important. Because sometimes in the city, to stay silly is to stay sane. Just like those wackadoodle Minnesotans who make it a point to have an annual outdoor winter parade, decorating in NYC is a way to thumb your nose at all things practical. To laugh in the face of adversity and find joy in the smallest corners of our city-dwelling hearts.


So embrace your basic instinct to bedazzle! Trees and tinsel for Christmas, bunnies and eggs for Easter, things that explode for July 4th and the obligatory carved ice fountain flowing with white russians for the annual Lebowski Fest—no holiday is off limits. And what do you do when your ornaments, holly, eggs, bunnies and bowling balls the rest of the year? You put them in storage with us, that’s what you do.

We’re here to shelter your fabulous pink, flocked Christmas trees, collection of Menorahsaurus Rexes, and whatever other bits and baubles you’ve somehow acquired in the name of holiday spirit. And with free shelves and racks in our storage units to help keep everything in order, your spirits will stay bright no matter which holiday is in season.