A going to college checklist can come in pretty handy when you’re about to send your newly graduated child off to the college dorm.  Aside from feeling extremely proud, if you’re like most of us, you’re probably wondering what college dorm supplies to pack – and what should stay behind and maybe even what to put in storage.

Checklist for College Items So You’re Not Surprised!

When going to college, you should first find out what some of the basic policies are regarding college dorm room accessories, such as:

  • What appliances are allowed and which are not – some dorms do not allow hot plates, microwaves and other appliances in the rooms.
  • What types of college dorm supplies are already provided either in the room or in a common area?
  • How much space will your child actually have for their belongings?
  • What size are the beds (almost always extra-long twin size, but you should check to be sure)
  • Are there any rules/restrictions regarding which college dorm room accessories may or may not be used in decorating?

These going to college list questions can be answered by the dorm resident or the college’s housing administration.  Once you know what your child can bring, you need to know what else they’ll need.  You’ll quickly realize that oftentimes, there are space limitations in college dorm rooms.

Checklist for College Dorm Storage

As part of your going to college checklist, some storages ideas could serve quite a useful purpose.  Seeing as space may be limited, this calls for a little creativity!  So here are some ideas on how you may create more storage space in your college dorm room:

  • Collapsible hamper
  • Bed Lifts (you may get under-storage boxes also)
  • Door organizers
  • Shoe rack
  • Stackable baskets
  • Here’s an ipod dock that’s also a desk lamp that’s really cool and saves space, too.


  • And a safe that clamps to their dorm furniture – you can bet that’s not going anywhere!


  • Hanging Wall Photo Collage or CD holder…don’t forget to pack some family photos in case they become homesick.

College Dorm Room Checklist

Aside from these college dorm supplies to create extra storage space, here’s a list of what college dorm supplies they should bring:

  • Alarm clock – no excuses for missing class!
  • Bedding, including sheets and a comforter and/or heavy blanket
  • Mattress pad – dorm beds are notorious for being uncomfortable
  • Pillow
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Plastic caddy for transporting their “bathroom stuff” back and forth
  • Lamp for their desk and/or bedside table
  • Hangers
  • Iron and ironing board (table-top ironing board is best)
  • Laundry basket and detergent
  • Rolls of quarters for the washing machines
  • Small fan
  • Power strip/extension cord
  • Safe for their valuables
  • Medications they need as well as a local pharmacy they can call for refills
  • Ear plugs

As part of your going to college checklist, don’t forget to include spending some quality time together before the big move.  You may also consider moving some items in the student’s room to your storage unit seeing as they’ll be away for most of the year.


This going to college checklist may serve as a method to plan the big move when sending the student off to the next stage of his or her life.  Knowing which college dorm supplies to bring may make the adjustment easier for everyone.  And although some may suffer a bout of empty nest syndrome, just remember that you’re not really apart – maybe in distance, but not at heart…