Make room for BabyWe’ve always been puzzled by the adage that goes “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Kind of gruesome, right? Who would do that? Even in New York City – folks don’t go around just throwing things out. After all… water is precious!

But a 15-second Wikipedia search reveals that the phrase is derived from the old German proverb: Das Kind mit dem Bade ausschütten. (You know – that German proverb.) It turns out that the saying, when translated into English, actually means: In your excitement to make room for a new baby in your small New York apartment, don’t feel compelled to throw away precious items that you may need in the future! Especially not the baby, you silly Toaster Strudel!*

Enter Manhattan Mini Storage, the perfect solution for the growing family in a shrinking space. Just follow some of these easy rules, and before you know it, you’ll be giving your storage issues Das Boot (the boot).*

*In the off-chance that you’re about to take a German fluency exam, please note that all translations are completely and totally made up.


Assess and Compare

First things first: Look at the space you have, and compare it to the space you need.

Second things second: Don’t panic!

Remember, babies grow out of everything, including clothing, furniture and toys. For example, baby will start her life by sleeping in a bassinet. During that time, her crib can be tucked safely away in your storage unit – along with all the outfits and toys that your generous and super-enthusiastic friends brought to your baby shower. (As if you’re ever going to let baby wear that Juicy Couture onesie or play with that Red Ryder BB Gun.)

Baby is your new roommate. As such, you have to share your space with her. In addition to de-cluttering your shared space, try experimenting with flexible room dividers, such as curtains, beads or even bookshelves. When shuffling furniture around, remember that anything you have can go into storage and be easily retrieved if needed.

Baby Proof

No judgments, but it’s time to put the dart board in storage. And while you’re at it, take a moment to imagine your apartment from the perspective of a six- to nine-month-old curious bundle of joy that just learned to crawl. Once you stop rolling around on the floor, identify all the things down there that could be hazardous to baby: Teetering stacks of books, stray remote controls, cat toys, electrical outlets, power strips, loose cords, sculptural pieces made from found metal scraps, etc. Don’t throw those items away! If you need them on a daily basis, put them out of baby’s reach. If you don’t need them, put them in storage.

Pay it Forward, or Keep it For Later

One of the great things about having a baby is all the free advice you’re going to get from everyone you meet – the guy at the deli, the bouncer at the club you won’t revisit until baby graduates from college, and/or the blogger at your favorite storage facility. The one piece of advice that all three of these fine folks will agree on is this: Don’t throw anything away. All the items new parents amass, from car seats to cabinet clips, can and will be used again. Whether in your home, when you’re bringing up baby’s little brother (baby No. 2); or when your best friend decides to take the plunge into parenthood. And years from now, when you start storing all of baby’s trophies – because she’s turned into a brilliant student and athlete (of course) – you can donate her baby belongings to any number of excellent New York City charities, like Room to Grow.

One Final Thought

Though the easy-to-follow guidelines above can be helpful, they barely scrape the surface of the extraordinary change that’s about to happen in your life and home. The most important thing from now on will be your and baby’s safety and happiness. For further (and somewhat less cheeky) advice on how to use storage to help prepare your home for baby, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our storage experts at Manhattan Mini Storage.


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Ok, One More Final Thought



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