Holiday Magic in NYC

“Pretzels roasting on an open fire…Gray slush nipping at your toes…”


Yes, folks, the holidays are upon us in New York City. And what a wonderful time it is to be a New Yorker! The sparkling window displays, the chill in the air, maybe even a magical little snowfall to blanket the city in a comforting hush. (Well, until it turns into half-melted mess the next day.)

It’s a magical time in this great metropolis, but as parties begin and the shopping shifts into high gear, we have some suggestions to keep the season bright! 

Where are the Elves When You Need ‘Em?

Don’t know about you, but the top item on our wish is a Magical Holiday Elf to clean our apartment, juggle our schedule and take care of the inevitable last minute shopping. Alas, it’s doubtful that a Magical Holiday Elf is going to make an appearance anytime soon, so alternate sources of relief are called for.

So, what’s a quick and easy way to help manage life during the hectic holiday season? You guessed it! A little bit of Manhattan Mini can go along way towards maintaining your party season sanity.

Store Your Way to Holiday Sanity

Okay, so self storage space in Manhattan doesn’t exactly scream “holidays in NYC”. But hear us out because we bet you haven’t thought about all the ways you can use it to your advantage!

  • Stash Your Presents (Before and After the Holidays): Keeping surprise buys from prying eyes is difficult when even the space under your bed is packed to the gills. So not why try a closet storage solution? You’ll keep those presents hidden, and after the holidays have a place to stash that, um, unique Madonna and Cat painting Aunt Millie gave you. (She’ll be sooooo disappointed if it isn’t proudly displayed when she visits this summer.)
  • Holiday Décor Control: Ah…holiday decorations. Please resist the urge to leave them up all year. (No. Really. That tree needs to be gone by March, people.) Just store ‘em – that way, they stay organized (no more finding your favorite stocking the day after Christmas) and you’ll have a safe place to stash the menorah once the candles are out.
  • No Stress Package Receiving: Put an end to package delivery panic! We’ll be your doorman, baby. Rent with us and we’ll happily receive and sign for your precious holiday packages. Seriously, if you holiday shop online or expect lots of packages coming in for the kiddies, this review excerpt from Yelp says it all:

“…I no longer break into a cold sweat when I’m told UPS and Fedex are the only shipping options.”

  • Trip the Holiday Light Fantastic!: Planning a party? Stash some furniture and make way for a disco ball! Storage doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment, so if you just need a month  to make way for holiday hijinx, we’re happy to accommodate.

Yep. Holidays in New York are wonderful, magical, stressful and impractical. And, now that we think of it, maybe there actually are Magical Holiday Elves out there. Maybe they just work at Manhattan Mini Storage?

I mean, they’ll pack your stuff, move it out for you, keep it safely tucked away, and help bring order to chaos. Yes, Virginia, there IS a Storage Claus!