Victims of the Chinatown Fire Still Need Support

Here are a few quick and easy ways to help!

Give a Little Love (and Money) to Your Neighbors in Need

PhotoCredit: Katie Orlinsky for The New York Times

On Sunday, April 11th, Chinatown experienced what has been dubbed by the New York Times as the “City’s Worst Fire in Years.” Three tenements were engulfed in flames, resulting in one death, thirty-three injuries, and hundreds of displaced tenants.

And when something like this happens in NYC, the good people of New York City take care of their own. So whether you were born in Inwood or just got off the bus from Iowa, take a minute to help in whatever way you can.

Send Some Cash or Donate Some Clothes

Make a cash donation to the relief efforts spearheaded by Asian American For Equality (AAFE), a local organization dedicated to providing advocacy and access to New York City’s Asian community. The “Grand Street Fire Fund” has been established and can be donated to via cash or check ((indicate “For Grand Street Fire” in the memo line) payable to Asian Americans for Equality at 111 Division Street, New York, NY 10002. A tax-exempt donation can also be made online at – please write “For Grand Street Fire” in the Dedication text field.

Manhattan Mini Stprage  kicked in $5000 to give the fund a boost. If you can find $5, $15, $25 or whatever suits the state of your wallet, you can be a good neighbor and score a TKO (True Karma Opportunity)!

And if you’ve been following our Spring Cleaning blogs, you might have some perfectly good clothes just ready to go to a lovely new home! And as luck would have it, a clothing drive has been organized by Chinatown Partnership Local Development Corporation. Donations can be dropped off during business hours at their office located on 60 St. James Place, New York, NY 10038. For questions, please contact them at 212-346-9288.

Remember, what comes around goes around. And though we certainly hope you never have to go through what these fire victims have gone through, know that if it happens in NYC, the city has got your back.