holding hands smallAh, dating in New York City: dining at incredible restaurants, romantic walks along the High Line, exciting first kisses. Okay, so we’re being optimistic. Most dates nowadays are potentially awkward OkCupid set-ups over Happy Hour specials, but we try to make the best of it. And, there’s still that all-important question in modern dating: “Do you want to come upstairs?” It’s important to remember that your shoebox, er, apartment needs to make a good first impression as much as you do.


So, think you’ve found the one? Is your Tinder account on fire? Or maybe it’s just 1AM and you’re drunk in love?  Either way, here are a few potential deal-breakers to consider putting into your storage unit before inviting any paramours up for a nightcap.


1.      Comic books. A graphic novel here and there is fair game, however, your bookshelves contain nothing but Batman comics. Yes, we loved ‘The Dark Knight’, but you’re not Bruce Wayne or Christian Bale. What’s that? You actually read all of X-Men last summer and relate to Wolverine’s inner struggle? Now she’s just thinking about Hugh Jackman’s rippling biceps. #goodluck.


2.      Stuffed Animals. Ladies, do you love your teddy bear? Does teddy have a sweet name like Mr. Cuddles? Did Mr. Cuddles see you through many a restless night at summer camp? Well, those fun facts stopped being cute when you turned 18. Take a cue from Beyoncé in her ‘Partition’ music video and wear a teddy instead: Victoriassecret.com.


3.      Star Wars paraphernalia. We can appreciate sci-fi classics. However, at some point being nerdy ceases to be charming and becomes, well, a Millennium Falcon-sized red flag. You may boast “this Boba Fett helmet is a collector’s item in its original packaging”, but she’ll say: “I just remembered I have spin class at 6am tomorrow. Gotta go!”


4.      Porcelain dolls. They’re priceless vintage collectibles? Nope, they’re just terrifying. Store them and never mention them in the company of anyone but your cat-loving Aunt Gladys. Please.


5.      Baby Blankets. You slept with that rag since you were 3, huh? Well, it doesn’t matter if you toss it in the industrial strength washer—it’s kind of gross looking. Its dingy presence amidst your bedding WILL kill the mood faster than you can say ‘woobie’. Swap that decades-old baby blanket for a featherweight down comforter—you’ll thank us.


Addendum to #1: Gentlemen, if you visit her apartment and she has a Boba Fett helmet. Buy a ring IMMEDIATELY and put it on that unicorn’s finger.


Ready to put those dating deal-breakers in to storage? Check out our storage options in NYC! Happy Storing!