So it’s settled – you’re finally going to move. You can’t wait to jump into your new space and start living it up.

You got a realtor and put your apartment on the market, and now your job is done, right? Nope. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you’re trying to sell your apartment, it can often be a long haul. Making your place irresistible to a potential seller is key to speeding the process along. We’ve listed some tips on just how to do it.


  1. Clean and De-Clutter
    clean and uncluttered apartment NYC

We all accumulate too much stuff over the years. Potential buyers need view the apartment as if it were theirs. When they see clutter they see your stuff –not their future home.

  • Go through your belongings and throw out everything you can part with. The remaining items, put into storage.
  • Speaking of storage… storage space is a huge make-or-break for a home sale. So clean out any cluttered areas to visually maximize the space.
  1. Make a Great First Impression


Tindr isn’t the only place where you need to impress from the get-go. Making a good first impression of your home is an easy win. While you might not be able to impact the curb appeal of your apartment or the building, taking the initiative to vacuum and tidy the hallway, adding a doormat or an accent piece hanging from the door.

  • Inside the apartment, make sure you have fresh flowers and plenty of natural light.


  1. Create Warmth – In a General Way
    creating warmth in an apartment

As we mentioned above, staging your home with fresh flowers and beautiful accent pieces is a good thing. But avoid personalized items, like pictures, toys or religious items. The potential buyer shouldn’t have to look past these things to imagine himself or herself living there.


  1. Eliminate Odors


Febreze. Seriously – use Febreze, candles, plug-in airfresheners or boiled cinnamon sticks. Do what you have to do. Sometimes we get used to odors and can no longer smell them. But others can and will, so don’t let that affect the selling of your home.


  1. Use Neutral Colors


That rockin’ lime green you decided to paint your wall back when you first moved in might have worked for you, but now it’s a major eyesore. Switch to a nice neutral. Try something in the brown family.


  1. Highlight the Pros
    apartment with hi ceilings niece

Finally, the last, but most important point: What made you buy this apartment in the first place? If it was the high ceilings, or the modern design or the rustic feel, highlight those elements so the future buyer can see what you saw. In other words, maximize the potential.


So what are you waiting for? Start staging your apartment! And let us know how if you need any help with moving or storage in NYC!