It’s been a while since we tackled organizing anything in the kitchen area! Last year we showed you how to organize your kitchen cabinets, so you wouldn’t have to go digging for snacks anymore. This month, we’re back in the kitchen to show you how to organize the infamous refrigerator. how to organize a refrigeratorThe benefit of a well-organized fridge? You might be able to find your food. Try these 6 steps to a foolproof fridge:

Step #1: Use It or Lose It. First things first: throw away anything that’s expired. Then, go through all your pickles, sauces, dressings, and condiments and get rid of anything you haven’t used in 3 months. We promise: you won’t even notice it’s gone.

Step #2: Cleanup Measures. For a full-fridge cleanup, make sure to wipe down all your sticky fridge surfaces with antibacterial solution like vinegar and water before you start cramming everything back in again.

Step #3: Safety First! It’s important to always store raw meats at the bottom of your fridge, so that any wayward drippings can’t contaminate your other foods beneath. Keep your dairy products fresh by storing them in the colder areas towards the back of the fridge.

Step #4: To Each Its Own. Fridge drawers are designed to keep fruits and vegetables at an optimum humidity, so it makes sense to store them there. But if your drawers are at the bottom of the fridge, use one of them to store meats so that they’re kept separate.

Step #5: Combine Forces! Oftentimes, a fridge raid can turn up duplicate items. Consolidate and combine any non-perishables or jar-type items with similar expiration dates into one container.

Step #6: Make it in a New York Minute. Don’t waste time looking for a bottle of teriyaki sauce that’s buried in the back of the fridge; group similar items like stir fry sauces and salad dressings together in the door of your fridge for quick and easy dinner solutions.

Voila! A fridge that’s ready to tackle any chow-down situation, from on-the-run snacks to all-out dinner parties. For more useful tips on tackling small spaces, check out our organization tips for crowded living rooms, cramped home office desks, and your cluttered electronics collection!