How to Organize a Closet for the New York City Fall Season

We’re storage professionals here at Manhattan Mini Storage, and we love sharing what we know! We’ve put together some (dare we say?) expert advice on organizing your closet for optimal seasonal clothing storage this fall:


Photo by Shine4Him8,

  1. Take Inventory. Pull all your warm jackets and clothing out of storage and decide which ones you’re actually going to wear this season, and which itchy wool sweaters your mom knitted but you’ll never wear.
  2. Can You Repurpose? Certain summer clothes might work well as part of a layered outfit, over long sleeves or under a blazer. Evaluate which summer clothes you can continue using, and which ones will get folded away.
  3. Functionality is Fun! Divide your clothing by type: work, weekend, and formal. Work clothing (or what you wear the most) should be most easily accessible, and casual and formal clothes can live off to the side.
  4. Make a Heat Map. Keep your closet divided by warmth level – keep your thinner jackets and sweaters next to each other, and your wool sweaters and thick blazers can stick together for easy access on those subzero days.
  5. Layer Your Layers. Your base layers (thinner shirts, tanks, etc.) should be separate from your middle layers (vests, shrugs, light sweaters), which should be separate from your outer layers (coats, jackets, heavy sweaters). This makes it easier to quickly assemble an eye-popping outfit every morning.

Now, Keep it That Way!

Once you’ve given your closet a makeover, make sure it stays neat and tidy by storing your summer clothes out of the way. You can keep them safely in storage bins under your bed or in a storage closet until it’s time to pull them out again.

If you’re low on under-bed space, you can always give us a call! We’ve got great rates on easily accessible Storage Closets perfect for seasonal items, which you’ll also be able to use to swap out your bulky winter clothes come springtime.