How To Organize Coat Closet

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As New York City continues to be treated to a blizzard-y, blustery January, coat closets are seeing a lot more action than they do in summer months. If you are tired of constantly draping your coat over the couch rather than opening the hazard that is your coat closet, why not spend Monday’s upcoming holiday doing some much needed sorting! Don’t worry if you don’t know how. Here are four ways to make coat closet organizing simple and effective.


Give Your Closet a Wintry Makeover. Still bypassing that jean jacket on your way to the parka? Keep only the coats you need and wear (ie: the warm ones) in your coat closet. Organize them by type: workweek, weekend, and formal, putting the ones you wear most frequently in easiest reach. Get seasonal wardrobe storage for any other coats (we’re looking at you, Windbreaker) till the weather warms up. And if you happen to come across a jacket you’ll no longer wear, go ahead and bring that one to us too! Our Holiday Coat Drive to help homeless in NYC is on until the end of the day TODAY January 14!

Make like a Banana: And split! Install a row of shelves underneath your jackets for extra storage space – you can place shoes, boxes, or miscellaneous sports gear on them.  Remember to leave enough floor space in front of the closet door however for a bucket to hold your umbrella-ella-ellas.

Outwear Should Not Be a Treasure Hunt. Give every family member an individual accessories bin (store on a shelf.) Stashing his or her own hats and gloves in one designated place will help eliminate their usual “dump-on-the-floor” method of sorting.

Become the New Captain Hook. Long hooks are wonderful for hanging handbags or scarves along a wall inside your closet, while an over the door hanging organizer is a great place to keep sunglasses, keys, and a mirror for that last minute makeup check on your way out.

Take a look back at our archive of Organize This! posts for more tips for tackling small spaces. And remember, if you end up with too much stuff in any room in your apartment, we’ve got 17 locations for self storage in Manhattan so call us today for help!