How to Organize Jewelry


Clutter frustration can happen anywhere, even in the smallest of spaces. This how-to-organize jewelry guide is dedicated to anyone who has ever been getting ready for a big night out and had to spend ten minutes or more untangling necklace strands or hunting down a missing earring.

Five Tips for How To Organize Jewelry

Think Outside the Box: Jewelry drawer organizers are great for keeping bangles separate from dangles but what if you don’t have a drawer? Place a stylish one atop vanity tabletops or dressers and voila! – instant bedroom decoration. Jewelry trees and wall boards are also great space saving tools for keeping your jewelry organized .

Band (and Stud) Together: Organize like pieces according to your selection style. You can group them by type (rings, bracelets, etc), occasion (formal, casual) or color for quick outfit updating.

Designate the First Class Section: Don’t panic about where Grandma’s pearl-and-opal brooch is.  Designate an area for (or stow separately) very expensive pieces and heirloom jewelry so that they don’t get mixed in with everyday items.

Share and Share Alike: Sometimes the “how to organize jewelry” question is easy: simplify! Take stock of the items in your current collection and give away what you don’t love anymore. We suggest organizing a jewelry swap party with friends or donating to a local charity like the Women’s Shelter Jewelry Project or  YWCA’s Dress for Success.

Have an Evacuation Plan: Don’t let a business trip send your jewelry organizing into a tizzy. Get a portable jewelry case for travel or lace necklaces through a drinking straw so they don’t become entangled past the point of no return.

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