Hurricane Irene is projected to make landfall in or around New York City sometime this Sunday. Wondering whether you should cancel your plans? If they involve any of these hurricane faux-pas, we’d say yes.

5 NYC Activities To Avoid During a Hurricane

    1. hurricane irene

      Playing Frisbee in the park.
      Just because Fido seems a little restless, doesn’t mean you should be challenging him to a 100mph game of frisbee in a tree lined park. Can you say, animal cruelty?

    2. Going Sailing on the Hudson.
      So you had plans this weekend to be sailing in stripes and you’re thinking, “Hey, maybe it won’t be that bad.” Hope you’re packing a bathing suit because you may be swimming…to shore.
    3. Wearing a life preserver at all times.
      Okay we get it, hurricanes can be scary, but get yourself together! This isn’t the Titanic people, and you’re freaking out the children.
    4. Having a dinner party on your NYC rooftop.
      Your lights are strung and your table is set. Just don’t forget to provide trays that can double as shields, because the flatware will be flying!
    5. Going puddle jumping.
      Puddle jumping in a hurricane will be a lot different than puddle jumping on your average rainy day in May. Feel free to wear your shiny new rain boots on the couch over a big bowl of popcorn – just please, stay inside.

    Remember to stay safe this weekend! If you’re one of the New Yorkers in an Evacuation Zone, don’t forget to take a go-bag and any important documents with you when you leave. For more info on preparing for a hurricane in NYC, visit’s Hurricane information page.

    If you want to store your belongings in one of our NYC storage units because you think your home is in danger of flooding, give us a call at 212-STORAGE. We’ll take care of your things while you head to higher ground!

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