Find Your Ideal NYC Neighborhood

Stumped about Where to Live?

New York Magazine recently published “The Livability Calculator,” a handy way to evaluate all of New York City’s neighborhoods based on what kinds of factors matter the most to you.  We had a lot of fun playing around with it when it first came out, and we think it’s perfect for the NYC newbie who needs a little help scoping out the best NYC neighborhoods.

new york magazine livability calculator

From New York Magazine’s Livability Calculator

Like to shop a lot? The East Village is your answer!  Prefer a plethora of restaurants? Tribeca or the West Village are perfect for that. Love to surround yourself with creativity and diversity? Try living in Soho!

Try the calculator out yourself, and see where you’re meant to live happily ever after! And for more tips on shopping, eating, and living in all these NYC neighborhoods, make sure to visit our Newbie NYC section. We’ve got the low-down on all the best things to do and see in the East Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Battery Park, MiMa, and more!

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