Ah, yes, your bedroom. Your hidey-hole. Your sanctum sanctorum. The place where you can lie down, snuggle up in a blanket and drift blissfully off to sleep.

At least that’s the fantasy, right? The reality is, many people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep in bed. Living in Gotham City makes it all the more challenging, what with the constant noise and cramped, cluttered living quarters. But we came across this excellent article on the Huffington Post with nine easy and specific steps for de-stressing your sleeping space. Read on, and pleasant dreams!

The 9 Most Stressful Things In Your Bedroom…And How To Fix Them

Your home should be a relaxing, welcoming place for you and your family. And while we know it’s hard to make every room a calming oasis thanks to the hectic world we live in, we think your bedroom should definitely take priority.

This space should be a sanctuary and private getaway for you, where sleeping and dreaming can come naturally thanks to a soothing atmosphere, not pure exhaustion. But there are bound to be some problems that just can’t seem to be solved — until now. Say goodbye to those loud noises, distractions and everything else that gets us frazzled, because we’ve come up with nine solutions to combat the stressful things in your bedroom .

Click through our slideshow to see our tips. And be sure to check out our easy ways to de-stress your living room, kitchen and even your laundry room.

1) There Are Too Many Distractions

We’re the first ones to admit how wonderful it feels to just lay in bed at night and watch TV. But falling asleep to violent news stories or crazy reality television shows aren’t exactly what you want. Instead, ditch the television and try reading a book and see if that doesn’t help you fall asleep quicker.

2) The Room Color’s Too Bright

Most importantly, the color of your bedroom should reflect your personality. But if you’re finding the shade is too bright for sleeping or just isn’t soothing, House Beautiful suggests painting the space white for a calming effect. Or you can try going for a blue, green or grey color to get a real spa-like feeling.

3)The Lighting Is Harsh

Really strong lighting is uncomfortable no matter what room you’re in. While you should have a bright lamp or overhead light to navigate your closet, read a book or do your makeup, also consider investing in a light that’s very dim to help create some ambiance. You can even use flameless candles at night, so you don’t have to worry if you drift off.

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