organize nyc storage unitLast month we sat down with Korinne Kubena Belock, founder and owner of professional organizing company Urban Simplicity, to hear her tips on organizing tight-space chaos in your storage unit.

Here we’re sharing the urban organizing queen’s best tips to whip your storage unit into shape.

How to Maximize and Organize Your NYC Storage Unit in 6 Steps

  1. Take Inventory. The first step to gaining control of your NYC storage unit is to identify what you’ve got hidden away. Open up boxes and really get in there. Then make some decisions about what you really need.
  2. Make a Plan. A storage space should serve a purpose. Figure out which items you definitely need regular access to, such as seasonal clothes and holiday decorations, and assign them an accessible home. Put less-used items towards the back (kickball trophies, we’re lookin’ at you).
  3. Sort, Purge, and Repeat. Maintain your NYC storage unit by setting aside one day a year to organize it. Go through boxes and decide what to toss, give away, and sell.
  4. Add Shelving. Shelves give you easier access to boxes you need on a regular basis, and allow you to make use of vertical space. Conveniently, Manhattan Mini Storage can provide you with shelving.
  5. Label Your Boxes. Nack-it has a great system that allows you to slip handy category/item list cards into vinyl pockets on the front of the box. Just remember: when the contents of the box change, make sure to update your labels.
  6. Choose Containers Wisely. When possible, use clear, durable containers so you can see what’s in them. Prefer boxes? Choose moving boxes that you can carry easily: the heavier the contents, the smaller the box. See Manhattan Mini Storage’s complete selection of packing supplies here.

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