Lea Michele and PETA Want to Bring Carriage Horses a Life of 'Glee,' Not Pain

The PETA campaign against the Carriage Horse Trade has a new powerful voice behind it. Lea Michele, the star of hit TV Show Glee, can be seen in a beautiful ad gracing buses and billboards around the city. Posing with a white horse, she urges people to “Help Put Horse-Drawn Carriage Out to Pasture.”

The horses who pull tourists in and around Central Park in Manhattan have several notable job hazards, from walking through dangerous traffic crowded streets to developing respiratory ailments from exhaust fumes, that PETA and Lea object to. According to the New York Times decoder blog: “The carriage horse trade has been the subject of years of protests by PETA and other opponents who consider it inhumane. An audit by the comptroller’s office in 2007 found that inadequate monitoring by the health department and other agencies led to health hazards. The New York City Council voted last April to improve some conditions for the horses.”

As a longtime supporter of PETA, we wanted to add our kudos to native New Yorker Lea Michele for standing up for a cause she believes in!

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