Two Ways The Hippodrome Just Got More Hip

Whether it’s unveiling the Big Apple’s first public electric car charging stations or adding safe, affordable bike storage in NYC, it’s no secret that our parent company has a passion for implementing environmentally friendly programs that are helping build a better future for New York City residents.

Well today we’re happy to announce that The Hippodrome, located at 1120 Avenue of the Americas and also owned by Edison Properties, has just received the U.S. Green Building Council’s Silver LEED Certification which recognizes a whole-building approach to sustainability. How does it feel? “We’re thrilled, “said Andy Gottesman, CEO of Gottesman Real Estate Partners.

And if you thought criteria were tough, here’s an idea of how the five areas of human and environmental health that The Hippodrome was evaluated on to receive this level of LEED certification:

  1. Sustainable Site Development
  2. Water Savings
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Materials Selection
  5. Indoor Environmental Quality

So how did our team make this happen? “We have a very dedicated management team who spent many hours and lots of effort to make The Hippodrome a model of sustainability. It is part of our renewed dedication to making all of our businesses as green as possible”, said Mr. Gottesman.

We would say that they’re doing a fine job over there but someone already beat us to the punch: the EPA also just awarded The Hippodrome an ENERGY STAR in recognition that the building performs in the top 25% of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency. It just goes to show that even historic buildings like The Hippodrome (built in 1952) can get hip to the future of a greener NYC.

We’re expecting a call from Nobel Center any day now.