Living in NYCAs the old Sheryl Crow song goes, “It ain’t havin’ what you want; it’s wanting what you’ve got.” But it can be challenging to keep that in mind when you’re walking down a West Village street and find yourself peering into the window of one of those sprawling townhouse living rooms, complete with towering bookcases, stunning fireplace, molding to die for and a cat with a 25-foot antique sofa all to himself.

Before you turn around and walk past that cab you can’t afford to the subway, remember that you live in the greatest city on earth — a city in which most people can only dream about living. Even though you may not reside in a fantasy Carrie Bradshaw-type studio (where her closet was the size of the entire apartment where you currently live), you’re still in the Big Apple. You may have a tiny space, but you can still live large! Embrace your living situation by getting innovative with bright and functional ideas, combined with Manhattan Mini Storage’s solutions, which are just right to fit your needs and your budget.



It may be stating the obvious, but shelves are a lifesaver in living in a small apartment. Shelving units can give a cramped room a feeling of open space, while also giving you extra floor space. Shelves are a great way to open up your apartment and get organized at the same time. When arranging your shelves, remember to place like with like, as you would with wine glasses, spices or cookbooks. To that end, make sure all of your binders or labels are facing forward. Larger or heavier items belong on lower, easy-to-reach shelves. If you can afford built-in shelving, even better. Make sure to bring your shelves all the way up to make the ceiling look higher. Shelves are an imperative first step in making the most of your Manhattan apartment.



It goes without saying that you should never block natural light in a small room. But what do you do after the sun goes down? Instead of using up precious table space with bulky lamps, install pendant lighting or wall sconces to guarantee yourself a bright home. Although the idea of installing such fixtures may seem overwhelming, it’s a relatively easy process with myriad “how-to” information readily available online.



A daybed is a great way to make a small space both functional and stylish. It can give your space the feel of a living room, which can then be converted to a cozy bedroom by night. It’s an easy and fun way to make your apartment chic while optimizing your studio. There are so many options to play with as far as décor is concerned, with oversized pillows and various throws. And as a place to lay out your next day’s outfit, the daybed is an easy, inexpensive way to add style and express yourself.



Mirrors are a tried and true way of opening up space in a small room. Hanging mirrors to optimize the natural light in your apartment can make a monumental difference. According to the experts, reflective surfaces almost always help a small room grow. Design Tip: Try hanging mirrors and pictures a bit higher to give the impression of a loftier ceiling.



The best way to make the most of a small space is, without a doubt, to remove what you don’t need every day. Store your favorite collectibles, cherished books, surfboards, skis, doll collections, high school trophies and everything else with Manhattan Mini Storage. We offer storage starting at only $29.00 a month! That’s an unbeatable, inexpensive way to keep your space clean and tidy… and a place you can be proud of. All of our locations are open seven days a week, most of them for 24 hours, and we even offer a free Storage Taxi to pick up you and your stuff. So until you can afford that sprawling brownstone in the West Village, here’s to making the most of your cozy home sweet home in New York City.