Yes, we’ve gone wireless! Manhattan Mini Storage is thrilled to announce that we’re now offering free wireless Internet access at all 17 of our self storage facilities. Which means that all our storage guests, their visitors and just about anyone else can text, email and surf the web quickly and easily from any of our location lobbies.

“New York is a highly mobile city,” says Stacy Stuart, Executive Vice President of Marketing and HR for Edison Properties, the parent company of Manhattan Mini Storage. “People constantly work, shop and communicate on the go. And there’s nothing more frustrating than when you go inside a large city building and your mobile network stops working. So we’re thrilled to offer this great convenience to all our customers.”

And it’s more than just a matter of convenience for some Manhattan Mini Storage clients. “A lot of businesses store with us too,” says Stuart. “They use their storage room as a second base of operations. So there’s no question that this will be a tremendous help to them in taking care of their own customers and operating more efficiently.”

Free Wi-Fi is just the latest perk Manhattan Mini Storage offers its storage guests. Other amenities include:

So come check it out by visiting any of our locations. Just ask the team members there for the network name and password, and they’ll get you wired up instantly.

Happy surfing!