NYC Storage for Drag Queen


Name: Tipsy von Tart

Occupation: Entertainer/Diva

New Yorker Since: 1999

Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen

Big Dream: To conquer the world

Signature Style: Utterly fabulous

Why She Loves Her Storage Room: “Honey, it takes a lot of wigs, heels, gowns and beauty products to look this glamorous all the time. I share a three-bedroom walk-up with two other queens. And I don’t mean to throw shade, but the other two are serious pigs. I couldn’t even walk through the living room without tripping over one of their tacky trinkets. So I finally called a house meeting and said, ‘Children, it is time for everyone to pick up their own toys. Either we each get our own storage unit, or Mother is out.’ They agreed, and now we can actually coexist without killing one another. At first I thought the storage room would be just a place for me to store my drag. But it’s also become my favorite dressing room! My Manhattan Mini Storage location is open 24/7, so sometimes I stop by three for four times a night between shows to change outfits! And by the way – some of the Storage Taxi drivers are seriously cute.”

Parting Words: You want to know if I really have a wife and kids, like the ad says? Well, maybe I do, and maybe I don’t. A girl’s got to have some mystery about her. But let’s just say, I’m open to all possibilities.

All characters are fictional composites based on actual MMS customers.


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