Just like Nonna used to make. Photo: www.sxc.hu

Spent an inordinate amount of time hanging around New York City pizza parlors? Just can’t get enough of cheesy goodness smothered in tomato sauce atop a flaky crust? If you answered yes to these questions (or if your stomach did) then we just might have the perfect Store n Split adventure for you!

In Italy pizza falls into two distinct categories: Italian pizza and the rest of the world. (-lifeinitaly.com)

Legend has it that pizza originated with the Romans, who topped their flatbreads with olive oil and herbs. Today, pizza lovers who want to learn how to toss a crust Old World-styles can take classes in almost every region.

1. Professional Pie Making: This 19-week tour-de-force includes a month long language intensive, followed by four weeks of cooking classes, along with evenings spent working in a pizzeria. Class: Italian and Pizza-making Course in Naples, Italy

2. For Locavores: Take this 5 day workshop at the family run cooking school in Sorrento where you will use fresh, organic ingredients plucked right from the garden. Class: Pizza Making Course Campania, Sorrento, Italy

3. Have a Roman Holiday: Spend a week in Rome learning to make authenticly delicious Neopolitan style pizza which includes an introduction to the evolution of pizza (and several samples we hope!) Class:  Pizza Cooking Lesson from Ciao Laura

4. Make More in Milan. The three hour class focuses on the classic Margherita pizza and two types of foccacia for double the fun. Class: The School of ‘La Cucina Italiana’

5.  Eat Under the Tuscan Sun. For an uber personal pizza making lesson, go to the villa of a Tuscan chef for a private evening of pizza making and wine drinking in the country. Class: Private Pizza Class in Tuscany

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