Manhattan Mini Storage suffered some flooding from the Hurricane Sandy storm surge, the worst of which occurred at our two 21st Street locations. In the hours and days immediately following the storm, we notified any customers whose storage units may have been affected via regular and certified postal mail, phone calls and, most recently, emails. We have also posted real-time recovery updates on our web site, as well as all our social media platforms. In addition, we have offered our services to all New Yorkers who may have been impacted by the hurricane, offering free storage, office space, packing supplies and other basic necessities to anyone who calls our 24-Hour emergency hotline.

Contrary to some media reports, we are not discarding people’s belongings. We are simply moving them to another location so customers can have a chance to look through them and keep/dispose of them as they see fit if they do not come to the facility themselves over the weekend.

We closed our locations at 6pm on the day of the hurricane because we were following the Mayor’s evacuation orders, and also because we needed to protect the safety of our customers and employees. After the storm, we further had to ensure the safety of the buildings and restore power to them before we were able to allow re-entry.

Ever since the storm hit, our crews have been working around the clock toward this recovery effort. We brought in teams of emergency disaster recovery experts who have experience in similar situations, such as Hurricane Katrina, in order to minimize the damage to anyone’s belongings, and to restore our buildings to a condition such that our customers could access their items in a safe manner.

In addition to this external support, we have realigned internal resources to focus on the damaged units, as we take the responsibility of storing customers’ belongings extremely seriously. We have, of course, made these efforts our very highest priority. We are actively working with our affected customers as soon as they come to the facility to help with their insurance claims. And because some customers’ insurance policies may not cover floods or other Acts of God, Manhattan Mini Storage has decided to implement a good-will relief program to help customers with their recovery as soon as we are able. We care deeply about our customers and are doing anything we can to help them in this unprecedented flooding in our community.

We continue to encourage any customers with questions or concerns to contact Elias Jaffe as soon as possible at 646-465-7816 and we will get back to each of them immediately to handle their personal situation.