June Weddings Mean More Couples Are Combining Two Apartments Into One!

Ah June, the traditional month for weddings. It’s certainly exciting, but can also be stressful.  Marriage and cohabitation is something couples can and should start planning for even before they walk down the aisle, starting with the number one thing two people need to ensure a long life of wedded bliss…

The Marriage and Cohabitation Golden Rule: Give Them Space!

Let’s face it. Marriage and cohabitation isn’t going to be a cakewalk.  But if you remember that everyone, even the person you just married who you love so much, needs a little room to breathe, you’ll be all right. Keep in mind the following:

  • Living Together Doesn’t Mean You’re Always Together.

    We all need a little space to be by ourselves. According to the Moving-in Together Survival Guide by relationship website The Frisky, nurturing other relationships—including the relationship you have with yourself, will give you the well rounded support system you need.

  • When Things Get Heated, Cool Down.

    It’s important to find ways to argue that won’t make your marriage and cohabitation life a rocky road. Men’s Health had some good advice: “When confronted with one of those fingernails-on-the-chalkboard-of-life moments, don’t let it slide. But resist the urge to bite her head off.” Take some space to yourself to calm down by going for a walk or into the other room, then talk things out.

And while we’re on the subject of space…..

  • Give Up Your Single Identity, Not Your Chinese Fan Collection.

    Marriage and cohabitation doesn’t have to mean you shed precious treasures you’ve accumulated over the years, even if your new spouse isn’t sure exactly why you need three copies of Dungeon Master 6 (you just do, all right?!) Couples who are new to cohabitating can use storage as a way to transition from one apartment to two without the extra stress of having to throw away things they loved because there isn’t enough space in the closet for two winter wardrobes. Keeping an apartment from feeling overstuffed means that there’s room enough for both of you – and maybe even a third someday.