Fifty Ways to Conserve Water

Water is one of our planet’s most precious resources, and if we don’t conserve it — and keep it clean and safe for drinking — we’re literally putting ourselves in mortal danger.

Here at Manhattan Mini Storage, we’re always looking for ways to conserve, re-use, re-purpose and recycle in hopes of creating a healthier planet. We came across this excellent article on Martha Stewart’s web site and wanted to share it with you. Here are just a few ways you can use and save water in a more responsible way:

1) Don’t use your drain as a trash chute for paint or other chemicals.

2) If you have a dishwasher, adjust the settings to use as little water as possible.

3) Skip the pre-rinse when doing dishes; let your dishwasher do the work.

4) When doing laundry, run fewer, fuller loads.

5) When you shop for appliances, choose energy-efficient models.

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